Our opening hours during fall and winter are:

Wednesday 1000 to 1600 (10am to 4pm)

Thursday 1000 to 1600 (10am to 4pm)

Friday 1000 to 1600 (10am to 4pm)

Please check on Google or Facebook for any changes in our opening hours, we cannot update this website in real time…

Our Sourdough Breads

We bake real sourdough bread using a starter made only from flour and water. Our technique involves folding and resting the dough in various stages until it develops its full aroma and the gluten has developed its perfect structure.

We make some breads that contain only sourdough starter (for example our Kastenbrot that is made using mainly Spelt and Rye flour) while others also contain a smidgen of baking yeast to develop a beautiful crumb without too large cavities. On top of that we create breads with nuts, berries, sprouted grains or other tasty additions.

Try our Cranberry Millet Loaf, Fig Walnut Bread, Black Olive Loaves or a Paradise Bread with raisins, sunflower seeds, flax and sesame seed and pumpkin!

We use Canadian flours!!! Our breads are made with many top-quality Organic flours. Where we cannot use Organic we use Non-GMO alternatives.

NEW: We just started using our own stone mill to freshly grind the Whole Wheat Flour for your breads. Over time, we will also freshly grind our Spelt, Rye, Kamut and other specialty flours. If you prefer to do your own baking, you can purchase whole grains and have them freshly stone ground at the bakery. Ask us about it.

Our Pastries

We bake our pastries fresh every day from the best ingredients we can source.

This means less selection because, well, baking fresh takes a lot more time and dedication than taking pre-made robot stuff out of a deep freezer and sticking it in the oven. Have you ever wondered why sausage rolls and croissants taste the same wherever you go?

Our pastries are made with real butter, milk and fresh eggs. (We don’t use margarine, palm oil, egg replacements…) You will taste the difference!

Fun fact: Many bakers use powdered sugar that contains Titanium Dioxide (so called no-melt sugar), a substance that is suspected of causing harm to the reproductive system. The European Union is in the process of banning the substance for such use. The Titanium Dioxide is bright white and while the sugar on your pastry already melted, it still looks like there is still fresh powdered sugar on it. Yuck.

When you see a pastry with powdered sugar at our bakery, you can be sure that there is real, fresh sugar on it. No chemical trash.

Our Coffee

We use a Rancilio Espresso machine to create wonderfully frothy cappuccino and all the other fancy Italian and French specialties for you from freshly ground high quality beans.

For Vegans we offer Oat Milk (grown in Canada) that froths just like the other stuff.

Please join the movement to reduce waste – bring your own TO GO cup – we would love to use it and save the environment the extra paper cup and plastic lid. Every time you bring your own cup to our bakery, you create a little extra happiness for you, us, and those who will inherit this planet from us…